What happens if you over wash your face?

What happens if you over wash your face?

Very few people over wash their face. Most people under wash their skin.
I educate my clients on the importance of thoroughly cleansing their skin. This not only removes all make up on the skin, but also sweat, oil and pollution.


    • 1. Cleansing should be done in morning and twice at night, even if not wearing make-up. The first cleanse removes make-up and pollution, the second cleanse preps the skin for the application of serums and moisturizers. Which will work more effectively if the skin is clean.
    • 2. Wear a headband, you will cleanse the skin thoroughly without worrying you may get cleanser / water in your hair.
      1. Ensure your hands are freshly washed, this removes oils and bacteria
      2. Warm cleanser in your finger tips and spread the cleanser evenly over the skin
      3. Imagine the skin is divided into 6 sections / cleanse each section for 10 seconds.
    • Cheeks; thoroughly remove blush and make-up used for contouring (common area of blackheads)
      Nose; where there can be a build-up of oil
      Outer cheeks; including hairline and ears, make-up often collects here.
      Forehead; including brows and temples
      Jaw-line and Neck; I like to spend 20 seconds here. Make-up tends to be blended to the neck, but often cleansing doesn’t occur this far down and stopping on the face. I see breakouts on the jaw-line and neck often due to make-up not being removed thoroughly.

Correct cleansing not only removes make-up, it also balances the Skins Acid Mantle. The acid mantle is an invisible barrier on the surface of the skin, it made of your natural oil and moisture. The acid mantle keeps the skin strong and resistant to bacteria, plus a thorough cleansing also preps the skin to absorb serums and moisturizers more effectively into the skin.
New generation cleansers generally don’t require a toner; so, cleansing twice is an absolute must.

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