Try my 3-Dimensional Skin Program for radiant results

Try my 3-Dimensional Skin Program for radiant results

Summer, and all the social occasions that come with it, is just around the corner. If your complexion is a little dull, now’s the perfect time to start a targeted treatment program to whip it into peak condition. As a skin practitioner with over 25 years’ experience, I’ve seen which skin treatments can deliver stunning results when administered in a program. My 3-Dimensional Skin Program combines NINE complementary treatments over three sessions in a three-month period to deliver optimum results (and plenty of those lovely “you’re glowing” compliments).

For the month of September 2018, I’m offering my 3-Dimensional Skin Program for $2800 (normally $4000) This “facial of the future” is my tried and tested formula to brighten, smooth and plump your complexion in the lead up to summer. The best part? It’s perfect for everyone – no matter your age or skin type.

So what’s involved?

You’ll be treated to the pigment-combatting effects of Limelight IPL, the anti-ageing powers of Laser Genesis, the collagen-boosting benefits of Titan Infrared Laser technology and the rejuvenating effects of LED Phototherapy.

What treatments will I have and when?

Month One: Titan Infrared Laser  + Limelight IPL + Laser Genesis
Month Two: Titan Infrared Laser +  Laser Genesis + LED Phototherapy
Month Three: Titan Infrared Laser + Laser Genesis + LED Phototherapy

Treatment One: The collagen boosting benefits of Titan Infrared Laser technology

Think of this treatment as the secret weapon for replenishing your collagen stores. Using the high-tech Cutera: Titan, a safe infrared light targets the dermis (the layer well below your skin’s surface) to tone, lift and tighten skin. The fact it stimulates long-term collagen rebuilding is the cherry on top.
The Feeling: As this treatment essentially “tricks” your skin into boosting collagen and elastin, it does get slightly hot.
Downtime: You might notice some redness for a few hours afterwards.

Treatment Two: The pigment-combatting effects of Limelight IPL

The advanced Limelight IPL treatment targets various layers of the skin to combat pigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tone, skin redness and dry, dehydrated skin. Think of this non-invasive treatment as lifting a veil of sun-damage from the skin, revealing bright new skin.
The Feeling: You’ll experience a minor stinging sensation when the light penetrates your skin but a cooling gel will help with any discomfort.
Downtime: Immediately after the treatment your skin might look pink and pigmentation will appear darker over the next few days (foundation can help to hide this) before it completely flakes off in 7 to 10 days.

Treatment Three: The anti-ageing powers of Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis uses micro-pulses of laser energy help to stimulate the skin’s natural processes to remove redness, brown spots and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The Feeling: The subtle warming of your skin during Laser Genesis will leave you feeling relaxed. And exhale…
Downtime: You may experience a little redness for a few hours post-treatment but it’s nothing a little foundation can’t fix.

Treatment Four: The skin rejuvenating effects of LED Phototherapy

Phototherapy uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to stimulate the skin’s naturally occurring regeneration and repair processes, increasing collagen production for a more youthful and radiant complexion. It’s the perfect treatment to accelerate healing following the other treatments in my 3-Dimensional Skin Program.
The Feeling: This treatment can only be described as relaxing – many of my clients find they fall asleep!
Downtime: Some people may experience momentary redness following a treatment, but it will soon subside.

When will I see results from the 3-Dimensional Skin Program?

Within two weeks you can expect your skin to look radiant and clear. However, the most significant results can be seen around one to two months after completing the 3-Dimensional Skin Program. Hello, flawless, glowing, clear, collagen-plumped complexion.

I recommend yearly maintenance of collagen stimulation treatments such as my Signature Laser Facials or RF Micro-needling to address skin ageing and depleting collagen production levels.

Terms and Conditions
My 3-Dimensional Skin Program needs to be purchased as a package (this can be done on a structured payment plan) for the special price of $2800. This offer is only available for the month of October 2018, and we only have 9 packages remaining!

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