Thing You Should Stop Doing To Your Skin Now

Thing You Should Stop Doing To Your Skin Now

What is the one thing you wish people would stop doingto their skin?

Not cleansing properly.

One of the main contributors to skin problems is make-up ingredients staying on the skin after cleansing.

With so many stay-on make-ups available on the market, most people don’t realize the impact that not cleansing and removing the make-up effectively has on the skin.When the skin isn’t cleansed properly tiny make-up ingredients and particles are left on the skin, over time these can either irritate the skin leading to a sensitive skin including eczema or dermatitis.

I also see many clients coming into the clinic with tiny bumps under their skin called congestion or even pimples and breakouts, which is so often related to make-up.

‘your mum was right – remove your make-up properly before going to bed’

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