* SH Vitamin A Complex



A unique and powerful blend containing two forms of Vitamin A, Lactic Acid and Vitamin E designed to retexturize the skin’s surface, giving a clearer, evenly toned, younger-looking skin.



“Every person has a specific concern with their skin – and vitamin A can transform them all – with the exception of a very sensitive skin.” – SH

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Key Benefits

Known as the Anti-Ageing vitamin, Vitamin A helps makes skin cells act and work like they are a young skin, plus it helps to restore a healthy glow to sallow devitalised complexions.
Lactic acid found in Vitamin A Complex helps to eliminate dry, rough patches and improving the appearance of skin pigment and discolouration.

Ideal For

– Every skin type and condition will benefit from Vitamin A
– Improves fine lines and wrinkles
– Restores a healthy glow
– Clarifies brown spots
– Eliminates dry, rough patches, refining the skin’s surface
– Regulates the appearance of excessively oily skin

Key Ingredients

Less irritating than many acids due to its larger molecular structure. Greater exfoliation for improved skin clarity and results in a smoother younger looking skin
Makes skin cells work like a young skin, and is extremely Anti-Ageing
A form of Vitamin A, containing Anti-oxidant protection properties
The Anti-Ageing ingredient, without any of the side effects or instability so often seen in Vitamin A formulations
A natural oil containing high levels of Vitamin A, soothes while moisturizing. Good for problematic skin


Apply directly after cleansing in the Evening.
Follow with application of other prescribed serums, then apply face moisturiser.
Apply ONE PUMP over the entire face.

Start using every 3rd night for 1 week, then on alternate nights for the second week, then build to nightly use.
*Introduce to ONE ADDITIONAL PUMP to the neck and décolletage area, once the you have been using it for a period of time with no problems.
For enhanced results and a tolerant skin, it may be used twice daily ONLY WHEN PRESCRIBED.

*Airless packing, to ensures hygiene and no wastage. The initial dose may take a few times of pumping to bring the serum to the surface of the jar.

NOTE: Not suitable for reactive, pregnant or lactating women.

SH Tips & Tricks

‘Every person has a specific concern with their skin. Vitamin A can transform them all – with the exception of a very sensitive skin.’ – SH