* SH Teenz Toner



Perfect solution designed to treat bacteria, helping to calm inflammation and breakouts. 

Preps the skin prior to applying active anti-bacterial serums. 

Excellent as a leave on over-night exfoliation treatment for a budget conscience teenager. 


Key Benefits

A spot treatment during the day, helping to target pimples and acne.

Cost effective leave-on night exfoliating treatment.

Excellent for oily skin that suffers with breakouts due to monthly cycle breakouts.

An Easy to apply chest and back acne treatment.

Ideal For

Pre-Teens or Teens that are starting to see oil, congestion, and breakouts.

Boys like the Lemon scented Tea Tree oil giving this treatment a fresh smell.

Monthly cycle oiliness and breakouts, No matter your age.

‘Lasy Cleanser’ quick and easy to use on a cotton disk before school

Chest And Back Acne easy to apply

Key Ingredients


Breaks down thick sticky oil that leads to pimples on the skin.


Hydrates a dehydrated skin.


Keeps the skin free from bacteria. It also has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory action for an oily, red skin.


Salicylic Acid has excellent anti-bacteria properties, to help kill surface bacteria.

Has a small molecular structure and is able to exfoliate deep into the pore, keeping it free from build-up and congestion.



1 PUMP on a cotton TIP apply directly as a spot treatment for breakouts.

Lazy Cleanser: apply 2 -3 pumps of toner to a cotton disk and wipe over face (depending on the strength of your skin, it can make the skin look red. Apply on rising out of bed and not directly prior going to school.)

Night: After cleansing

Apply 2-3 pumps of TEENZ TONER to cotton pad and wipe gently over affected areas of the skin.

Apply 2-3 pumps of TEENZ TONER to cotton pad can also be applied for acne on the back and chest.

Individual breakouts: 1 PUMP on a cotton TIP apply directly as a spot treatment.

For those that like to self-extract (aka; pick their skinJ)

Apply 2-3 pumps of TEENZ TONER to cotton pad, wiping over skin after extractions have been performed.

SH Tips & Tricks

‘With 2 x teenage girls I have this product in every bathroom of the house. It is perfect in the morning as a quick spot treatment, and really enhances the results of their skin program, when they use it prior to Clearing Complex.’ SH