* SH Pigment Complex



A powerful skin brightening treatment that helps to reduce the look of unwanted brown and red skin discolorations.

With additional benefits of Vitamin C, this is the perfect skincare product for anyone wanting to brighten their complexion.

Key Benefits

As we age, brown marks of pigment begin to show on the skin for many reasons. This may be due to sun damage and sun exposure we experienced when we were younger.
Brown blotches called melasma, due to hormonal changes such from contraception choices, pregnancy or menopause can also lead to uneven pigment staining on the skin.
Applying a pigment blocker like Pigment Complex on a daily basis, acts like you are holding an umbrella over your skin cells to protect them from daily UV and environment damage, plus with the added benefits of Vitamin C this product gives your complexion a brighter clearer look.

Ideal For

Red and Brown skin pigments are responsible for the look of uneven skin colour and can make your complexion appear 10 years older than you are.
– For those that want to ensure pigmentation doesn’t darken after Aesthetic treatments Laser, IPL and Peels
– Suffer with uneven skin tone of brown and red pigment spots from sun damage
– Experience hormonal pigmentation from contraception choices, pregnancy or menopause

Key Ingredients

Completely non-irritating and free of side effects, reduces skin pigmentation by limiting melanin production (brown spots) and the look of facial redness.
Provides superior Epidermal and Dermal anti-oxidant protection, more than standard Vitamin E.

Extremely effective skin lightening ingredient plus has the powerful benefit of protecting cells against UV free radical damage.
Effective in reducing the look of pigmentation due to its exfoliating effect. It also has a strong suppressive effect on the formation of pigment within the cells.
For added benefits of skin lightening and brightening.


Apply Morning and or Evening as per instructions of Skin Program, then apply face moisturiser.
Apply ONE PUMP warm in fingers, concentrate on the areas of pigmentation first then spread over the entire face. ONE ADDITIONAL PUMP should be used for the neck and chest.

*Occasionally mix with equal pumps of Vitamin C Complex for an instant glow and boost to complexion.

*Airless packing, to ensures hygiene and no wastage. the initial dose may take a few times of pumping to bring the formula to the surface of the jar.

SH Tips & Tricks

‘Growing up on a farm, riding horses I should now be seeing the sun damage I did to my skin as a teenager presenting itself on the surface of my skin. With daily use of the Pigment Complex over the past 10 years I have little to no pigmentation. Showing that prevention is better than cure!

Daily application of Pigment Complex not only provides excellent anti-oxidant protection, it helps to prevent future pigmentation from occurring on the skin, it also evens out and brightens complexion.’ – SH