* SH Exfol Complex



Highly active leave-on exfoliating night serum, which delivers a clinical strength Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) formula without any irritating side-effects so often seen with AHA’s.

Giving exceptional skin exfoliation for clearer, smoother, more evenly toned, younger looking skin.

Key Benefits

A synergistic blend of hydroxy acids (AHA’s), increases skin exfoliation up to 34% resulting in fresh, healthy, smooth skin.

Formulated with a low pH and chiral correction this ensures skin isn’t left: red, itchy, super sensitive.

Ideal For

Exfol Complex hydrates while addressing the signs of aging such as fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation, dull life-less skin.
– All skins, especially those that need additional exfoliation
– Acne
– Oily and congested skin, Exfol Complex makes skin feel instantly smooth and refined

Key Ingredients

Has a large molecular structure, which means there is less chance of skin irritation, yet with all the hydrating benefits of Latic Acid
Powerful anti-oxidant, gives an excellent absorption of Free Radicals
A rich concentrated blend of 5 botanical extracts, rich in AHA’s
L-Lactic, Glycolic, Citric and L-Tartaric synergistically increase the cell renewal rate up to 34% = fresh, healthy, smooth skin
TANGERINE PEEL OIL: A natural oil containing high levels of Vitamin A – soothes while moisturizing.


Apply directly after cleansing in the Evening, follow with application of other prescribed serums, as per instructions of Skin Program then apply face moisturiser.

Apply ONE PUMP over the entire face.
Start using every 3rd night for 1 week, then on alternate nights for the second week, then build to nightly use, according to your skin’s tolerance.

A slight tingling or red skin sensation that lasts for a minute or two after application is normal.
In the event of excessive irritation, rinse thoroughly with water, discontinue use and seek the advice of Skin By Sarah Hudson.
*Introduce to an additional pump to the neck and décolletage area, once the you have been using it for a period of time with no problems.
*Can be mixed into other Skin By Sarah Hudson Complexes with the exception of a sensitive skin, for added effect.

*Airless packing, to ensures hygiene and no wastage. the initial dose may take a few times of pumping to bring the formula to the surface of the jar.

SH Tips & Tricks

‘Super easy to use and is the perfect treatment for people that don’t have time to exfoliate and want their skin to feel silky soft and smooth.
Use a stand-alone serum leaving on at night serum or if you are time-poor mix into any other Skin By Sarah Hudson serum, with the exception if you suffer with sensitive skin.’ – SH