* SH Clearing Complex



This oil regulating cosmeceutical serum is designed to treat blackheads and breakouts.

It is easily absorbed, non-greasy, with anti-bacterial action that addresses all acne skin conditions.

This formula is clinically proven to dramatically improve the look and feel of excessively oily congested skin that may also suffer with blackheads and breakouts.

Key Benefits

Will not dry or upset the skins natural balance, instead it regulates oil production and stops the bacteria that causes breakouts.
It can dramatically improve the look and feel of excessively oily and impure skin without the trauma associated with mass market oily skin formulas, which can dry, damage, or upset the skin’s natural balance.

Ideal For

– Oily, Shiny or impure skin
– Congested
– Problematic Skins
When looking to treat an acne prone skin, no matter if you are a teenager, in your mid 20’s-30’s-40’s or going through menopause, there are 5 main areas of concern that must be addressed to see an improvement in the skin.

Clearing Complex contains all the necessary ingredients to address the key contributing factors that lead to acne on the skin,
1. Regulate the oil activity leading to a less oily and more matt skin
2. Targets the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that causes oil to become thick and sticky
3. Regenerate the skin cells and increase cell turn over to reduce clogging
4. Reduce the irritation and inflammation that causes sore inflamed breakouts
5. Inhibits the growth of the proprionibacterium acnes reducing acne breakouts

Key Ingredients

Reduces the appearance of acne
Helps to regulate oil production and reduce the inflammation in breakouts
Restores the skin’s moisture and hydrates the skin
Healing to a weak damaged acne skin, it provides moisture and strengthens skin’s protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.
Anti-inflammatory and helps to promote healing of the skin.
Exfoliates inside of the pore, keeping the skin free of debris and build-up that leads to acne


Apply Morning and or Evening as per instructions of Skin Program, follow with face moisturiser if needed.

Apply ONE PUMP warm in fingers then spread over face, concentrate on the areas of concern first.
ONE PUMP can also be applied for acne on the chest or back for acne breakouts.
*For boosted results mix HALF-to-ONE pump of Exfol Complex + Clearing Complex.
*it is an excellent topical treatment for occasional or monthly hormonal breakouts.

*Airless packing, to ensures hygiene and no wastage. the initial dose may take a few times of pumping to bring the formula to the surface of the jar.

SH Tips & Tricks

‘My teenage daughters can’t live without this product, and when it runs out there is a noticeable amount of acne breakouts in my house.

I love to steal there Clearing Complex as my go-to-solution to for ‘that time of the month’ breakouts.’ – SH