5 Daily Skin Rituals I Swear By

5 Daily Skin Rituals I Swear By

This March I’m celebrating a Month of Me. Have you ever wanted to know how a skin practitioner keeps their skin healthy? I share my key tips.

March is an inspirational time for women with events like International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the level of attention and dedication we give our work environment, or community and our families.

But how often do we give attention to ourselves? For me, giving myself the attention I deserve is all about looking after my health and wellbeing – especially my skin!

I’ll be presenting at Beauty Melbourne later this month so I thought I’d share how I look after my skin, health and wellness – particularly in the lead up to an event. It’s also a great reminder about the things we need to do for ourselves in order to feel empowered and healthy – no matter how big, or small.

My skin

The number one for me, of course! In the lead up to an event, my morning and night skin routine is something I don’t compromise on. Applying appropriate skin products before your day starts and as it ends is the key to healthy skin as are clinic treatments. You wouldn’t just wait for the dentist to clean your teeth, so why would you avoid cleansing and treating your skin between clinic visits?

Using prescribed skincare day and night helps focus on the outside of your skin (epidermis) to help give it a rejuvenated glow. While in-clinic treatments focus on deeper layers (dermis) for collagen stimulation and anti-ageing.

In the lead up to Beauty Melbourne, my skin program will focus on 4 key products/treatments:

  • Vitamin B Complex Number One for glowing, luminous skin
  • Vitamin A combination skincare for anti-ageing
  • Pigment Complex to fade summer skin damage and treats pigmentation
  • Laser facial uses Light therapy (LED) – this is my Gold Star treatment I can’t live without. With no downtime and rich in enzymes, it’s the best treatment for fresh and glowing skin.

A good night’s rest

Did you know that sleep is a natural skin moisturiser? It helps to smooth out wrinkles and is vital for a healthy complexion. No wonder we “look tired” when we haven’t had a good night’s rest; as lack of sleep affects the skin’s natural pH, making your complexion look dull, dry and less youthful. Plus, the imbalance this causes results in the skin secreting more oil, which leads to breakouts.

My nightly ritual for good quality sleep:

  • Avoid desserts: Eating sugary foods before bed wrecks havoc on your digestive system, which disrupts your sleep and can keep you awake for longer.
  • Drink a soothing cup of tea: I like calming tea blends in my favourite cup and saucer.
  • Moisturise: I like to use PURE FIJI Nourishing Body Oil and Body Butter. It makes my skin super soft and the antioxidants feed my skin during the night.
  • Relax: I like to listen to meditation music to help relax my mind and calm myself after a busy day.
  • Use silk: I use a LOVE SILK eye mask which helps smooth any fine lines and wrinkles. These days, I need all the help I can get! As I age and my hair is also becoming finer so sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to prevent split ends. Plus, I love the decadent feeling of sleeping on silk!

Exercise daily

Exercise has been a part of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. Those 45-60 minutes in my day is all about me! It’s a short time to focus on my body and mind. It makes me strong, keeps my healthy diet on track and reduces my stress levels.

Exercise is so essential to healthy skin because it increases blood flow – have you noticed that luminous glow a few hours after a hard workout? Blood contains oxygen and nutrients, which feed the cells. When your blood flows during exercise, it flushes the toxins from our cells, basically cleaning the skin from the inside out.

Eat the right things

I eat a nutrient-rich diet to give me the energy I need throughout the day. I rarely eat junk food as I believe in practicing what I preach. Besides, the calories aren’t worth it! Foods high in sugar increase insulin levels and affect gut bacteria, causing breakouts on the face, chest and back.

My diet begins with hydration. I drink water and herbal tea constantly. Particularly when prepping for an event, I always avoid alcohol as this dehydrates the skin. It also affects the liver, which means your body can’t detoxify effectively causing the skin to be dull and sallow. I also avoid dairy and gluten when I can.

You can’t go through the day without a little treat. So I allow myself one delicious cappuccino a day but only on the condition that no chocolate or sweetener is added.

Remedial treatments

The inevitability of aging means we all have to come to terms with taking extra care to ensure our skin stays rejuvenated as we get older. I never compromise on my monthly remedial treatments with a Bowen therapist. Aging causes the muscles to become less toned and less able to contract, resulting in more ridged limbs and an increased risk of muscle damage.

Just in time for much needed winter hydration. Stay tuned!

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